Avail of the Best Demountable Walls at NewVo Custom

Are you tired of bumping into drywalls? Are the walls taking up a lot of space? Do you want a stylish aesthetic look for your office at a reasonable price? Then worry not as we are here to give you the best solution to your problems for your workspace. At NewVo Custom, we provide demountable walls, including setting up services that offer a classy look and the trending office furniture that can be installed so quickly.

What Is It?

Demountable walls are flexible partitions made of glass that can be installed easily on your office floor. They allow natural light and an easy view of the people inside the room, making your workspace appear big, airy, and bright. Demountable walls are the trending piece of office furniture because they are much cheaper and effective than drywalls. We at NewVo Custom provide the best services of demountable walls at a very affordable rate that will not sting your pocket and, at the same time, give your office the latest stylish look.

why demountable walls

Why Demountable Walls?

If you are still wondering why demountable walls create hype in the market, let us provide you with a detailed list of advantages of using them.

  • You can get a super functional office space
  • We offer a quick installation service as it takes less time to set up demountable walls than ordinary drywalls
  • You can get the best visual privacy without compromising the overall aesthetic getup of your space
  • We offer modular flexibility for reuse and reconfiguration of the walls even after the project is complete
  • Increased sustainability of the demountable walls is a must-have for long run investments.
  • You will get a faster return on investments in this product.
types of demountable walls

Types of Walls

Are you looking for a unique type of wall design? Then you are at the right place as we offer many styles of demountable walls to choose from. Before you proceed to buy, find out the types of walls to know which one will be most effective for you!

  • We provide various profile shapes of the walls, including rectangular, curved, and butt glazed. You can choose from a range of aluminium and steel systems. Quick advice: do go for steel ones as they are more durable and environmentally friendly.
  • The doors can be pivoting, hinged, sliding, or telescoping, which we offer in wood, glass, or laminate. But the most interesting part is that we also provide custom hardware!
  • Our finishing touch is a top-class that includes a finish in wood, laminate, fabric, paint, or glass. According to your fancy, a coat of frosty film can be applied to increase privacy within the enclosed space. We also provide the best drink for the demountable walls that are of top quality and durable.

Why NewVo Custom?

If you are looking forward to making office furniture purchases, then NewVo Custom is the best choice for you! Here, you can get the best office interior design and commercial furniture at a very reasonable rate. We provide an excellent architectural design office made to cater to your needs at any time and create a custom-designed office just for you!

Office furniture can be of various types, and each of them has its own speciality. But the demountable walls are a must-have for you, especially if you want a stylish look and a super functional space for yourself!

If you consider getting the wall, then think no more and contact us today for excellent services and the best products. We can assure you that you will not regret the decision of getting your desire fulfilled by us!