Get the Best Makeover for Your Office

A great office interior design lifts the overall spirit of everyone working there and grabs the attention of all those who visit the place. At NewVo Custom, we provide you with the best custom designed office with our architect furniture supply to help you create the best impression that will take you to the best of your career! Our special architectural design office is made to help you plan your workspace interior, and our architectural furniture supply services will provide you with the best quality of products.

Our Commercial Architectural Services

Our architectural design office provides you with the best design and construction administration. Feasibility studies, architectural programming, project management and architectural furniture supply are some of the other services offered by us. Given below are the detailed account of architectural and architect furniture supply services that our company provides.

  • The step towards making your dreams a reality begins here. Our architectural design office will get in touch with your designer to share your project needs, objectives and goals.
  • We offer a schematic design where we give basic design sketches based on your requirements and budget to explore possible options. We will review these options and the merits and demerits of the design to get the best design for you. We also give architect furniture supply to relieve you of the burden of finding good quality office furniture.
  • Once the basic plan is decided, we will give a more precise definition of the scope and quality of the finished project. Costs will be estimated to balance the best quality of architectural furniture supply within your budget and review any adjustments required.
  • Finally, the architectural design office prepares drawings and specifications required to obtain building permits and bids and guide the construction contractor.
  • It is only natural that you will worry about hiring the right contractor. In that case, we help evaluate competitive bids and select the best contractor for you.
  • Once the work starts, the team from our architectural design office will consult with you and advise you during construction. We make on-site visits to determine if construction is proceeding in general accordance with the contract and that the designs are done as planned.
  • Our team will make regular progress reports and keep tabs on the architectural furniture supply to keep you informed and authorise staged payments to the contractor until the project is completed, as we always want the best for you!
  • Our top-quality architect furniture supply services will ensure that you do not face any delay with your work and provide quick, efficient services.

Types of Office Furniture Available at NewVo Custom

office desks

Office Desks

Out of many types of architectural furniture supply, various types of office desks, such as managerial desks, are reserved for managers and supervisors. The Executive’s desks are usually huge to accommodate all kinds of works that need space. Height adjustable desks, as per the name, can be adjusted accordingly, and it provides maximum comfort to work upon while sitting or standing. There are computer desks that can also act as a space to arrange all your gadgets. Finally, the floating desks are the most convenient architect furniture supply for small spaces. Our architectural design office prefers them as these desks are built into the wall that provides increased space to move around.

office chairs

Office Chairs

Chairs are the next crucial piece of furniture required for any workspace. Among our architectural furniture supply, we have super comfortable ranges of office chairs such as conference chairs which are adjustable, mobile, and functional. These chairs are mainly used in boardrooms during meetings. Hence, we look after the comfort factor as meetings tend to be quite long at certain times. There are executive chairs that come along with the executive desks, which are mobile that helps one to move around quickly. The task chairs are the most commonly found. You need to keep task chairs highly functional, adjustable, mobile, and provide the ultimate seat to help you perform your task. A lot of office work can be strenuous for anyone. In that case, it is a good idea to keep ergonomic chairs in your office for all those who get back pain from all those sitting around!

other office furniture
Much More...

Apart from desks and chairs, we also give an architect furniture supply consisting of shelves, bookcases, demountable walls and other commercial furniture to help you customise the look of your office!

Why NewVo Custom?

We, at NewVo Custom, aim at providing the best architectural furniture supply for your office that is planned and designed by our architectural design office at a very reasonable rate that will not act as a burden on your budget. We can assure you the best quality of architect furniture supply service!

Are you excited about a makeover of your space? Contact NewVo Custom today to get the best architect furniture supply service and excellent plans made by the architectural design office that will make your dreams come alive!