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John Reuter

Managing Member

John Reuter developed and branded an Office Furniture Company in March 2002, as a New and Used Office Furniture Dealer, servicing all segments of the market. With $10 and a strategic business plan as to how to market and operate, John started this business out of his home. Prior to owning and operating his own business, John attended and graduated from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis with a B.A. in Business Administration, as well as an Architectural Drafting Degree. From there, he spent over 30 years building his expertise in the business world as a District or Regional Sales Manager in every position he has held. These positions were proudly held with highly regarded companies such as Coca-Cola USA, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, A&W Brands, Cott Beverage, Jet Spray Corporation and Starbucks Coffee. Through the years, John has continually evaluated markets to identify new business trends and opportunities while applying his well-built assets of being a Diligent, Competitive, Assertive, and Flexible Team Player. Graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 program.
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Josh Flibotte

Chief Operations Officer

Josh Flibotte is the Chief Operations Officer here at NewVo Interiors. Josh joined us in 2016 with enthusiasm and an eagerness to assist in growing the company. Scaling the business with the CEO was always their passion collectively and made this duo very dynamic. He believes that a business thrives when the entire culture is in it together and the optimism shows. “All parts must operate fluidly within an enterprise, and we all bare that role. Be who you would follow”. In addition to managing the day to day operations with the installation teams throughout NewVo, He also is very involved in daily sales activities, HR related tasks and any other piece of the business that is required to keep everything moving smoothly. Always willing to step in and help where needed with an extensive and always growing knowledge for this ever-changing industry. IFMA Member
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Kyle Spellicy


Our Team 1

Scott Plocharczyk